Decorlake Launches Loyalty Program - Reward Points

01 April 2021

How Reward Points Works and how to earn credits ? 

Decorlake loyalty program


Reward Points or credits are earned as part of your cart value as a cashback to you as DecorLake CREDITS account

This credits can only be used in subsequent purchases on across the website, DecorLake Credits can also be used in conjunction with other coupons.

Reward Credit Terms and Conditions:

The DecorLake reward credits are only provided on Confirmed Orders.

1 Reward point is credited to your account on every ₹ 10 INR purchase and 1 Reward Point is equivalent to ₹ 1.

For example if you make a purchase of ₹ 1000 , then 100 Reward points will be credited to your account which is equivalent to ₹ 100.

This Credits can be redeemed on up to 100% of the cart value and only when it has accumlated 500 or more reward points . For example, if after application of the coupon the cart value is ₹ 500, then ₹ 500 worth of credits can be used \ redeemed on the cart provided your account has 500 reward point accumlated. All DecorLake credits are non-refundable, non-transferable, non negotiable and are subject to expiry.

All Un-utilized cashback credits upon expiry become invalid and cannot be refunded.

DecorLake Credits used up in orders cannot be refunded.

These terms and conditions are read in conjunction with the terms and conditions as applicable on the DecorLake Promotions. DecorLake reserves the right, at its sole discretion, at any time to extend or reduce the validity of DecorLake credits, without prior intimation or communication.

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