Decorlake Pledges to work towards corporate social responsibility

31 March 2021

India is still far from achieving gender equality and its sex ratio of 940 females per 1000 males says all. A girl child in India is often seen as a liability, a ‘burden’ to pass on. Given the prevailing influence of patriarchal values, right from their birth, a lot of many girls bear the brunt of gender inequality, gender stereotypes as compared to boys. No matter how talented, intelligent and ambitious she is, the girl child often is ignored. In fear of exploitation and abuse and due to financial conditions, many girls are not sent to school for education and kept at home only to be married off early. And even if she is not married off, the young girl is still denied a deserving education, quality healthcare, employment opportunities, and equal rights that a boy easily gets.

Decorlake in a participatory CSR initiative will donate a small amount on every order/purchase done from the shopping website ( Every year Decorlake will raise those funds and donate to NGOs which works towards girl child education.

Apart from supporting education, Decorlake will also help those underprivileged or low-income people who are struggling with expenses for their child's healthcare, every year many people including children die due to improper healthcare, and the primary reason being growing medical bills expenses. Although there are several government initiatives that are unable to fulfill demand and people are still suffering to get proper treatment. Decorlake will connect with those who need funds and will contribute by giving all possible help.

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